1.0 Introduction to Privacy Policy

Greetings from Yourui Digital! We value your trust in us and promise to keep your information secure. This privacy notice is intended to inform you about our procedures for gathering, using, disclosing, and protecting your personal data in compliance with Malaysian legislation, including the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA).

We at Yourui Digital value your privacy and want you to feel comfortable utilising our offerings. This privacy statement describes the kinds of data we might get from you, how we might use it, and the options available to you on how we might use your data.

1.1 Your Consent Matters

By using our website and services, you consent to our privacy policy’s practices. To learn about our policies related to the use of your personal information, kindly take the time to read and understand this document.

1.2 Privacy Scope

This privacy statement, which controls how our website gathers, uses, and discloses personal data, is applicable to all users of Yourui Digital. It also describes your rights with regard to the personal data we gather.

1.3 Compliance with Malaysian Law

We process data in compliance with the the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) and other applicable regulations in Malaysia. We are dedicated to protecting the privacy and security of your personal data.

1.4 Information We Collect

To deliver and enhance our services, we gather a variety of information, both private and public. This could include data that is automatically gathered by cookies and other tracking technologies, as well as information that you willingly provide.

1.5 How We Use Your Information

(a) Service Provision

To ensure that our services are delivered in an efficient manner, we gather and handle personal information. This involves preserving our website’s overall usability, accessibility, and functionality. We can improve and customise the services we provide to better suit the wide range of demands of our users by making use of this data.

(b) Personalization

Providing a customised experience for every user is our aim. We can customise our content, suggestions, and features to match your unique interests by examining the data you provide to us, such as your preferences, interactions, and past usage trends. The goal of this personalisation is to increase your level of involvement and overall pleasure with our platform.

(c) Communication

We communicate with you using the contact details you give us. Sending out important notifications, newsletters, and updates about our services is part of this. This makes sure you are aware of any updates, enhancements, or significant changes that might affect how you use our platform.

(d) Analytics and Improvement

In order to obtain important insights into how our services are utilised, we examine user data. We pinpoint areas for enhancement, optimise features, and raise customer satisfaction levels overall with the aid of this data-driven strategy. We always work to improve our offers based on user behaviour in order to deliver a more effective and pleasurable experience.

(e) Security and Fraud Prevention

Protecting your private data is critical. We utilise the information you give us to improve platform security by putting safeguards in place to stop fraud, illegal access, and other possible security risks. Your information’s integrity and confidentiality are guaranteed by doing this.

(f) Legal Compliance

We handle personal data in accordance with the laws and rules that may be relevant. In certain situations, we might have to comply with legal requirements by disclosing information to law enforcement or other governmental agencies. You can be confident that these disclosures are made in compliance with the law.

(g) Customer Support

Having access to personal information is essential for efficient customer service. We utilise this information when you contact us with questions, concerns, or help requests so that we can respond quickly and effectively to your individual requirements. Our goal is to make sure you get the help you need to have a good experience.

(h) Third-Party Services

In order to improve our platform’s features and functionality, we may collaborate with third-party organisations. In these situations, we might disclose user data for targeted advertising, analytics, or integrated services. Ensuring that these third-party services adhere to legal laws and privacy standards is our responsibility.

1.6 Data Security Measures

We care about the security of your personal data. We protect your data against unauthorised access, disclosure, change, and loss by implementing industry-standard security procedures.

1.7 Your Rights

You have the right to see your personal data, have it updated, and have it deleted. Our dedication lies on assisting you in realising your rights in compliance with the PDPA.

1.8 Changes to this Privacy Policy

Occasionally, we may update this privacy statement to reflect changes to our procedures. If there are any significant changes, you will either receive a notification from us directly, or we will put a notice clearly on our website.

2.0 How We Obtain Your Data

At Yourui Digital, we believe that managing your personal information should be done so in a clear and transparent manner. The procedures we utilise to gather and acquire user data are described below. We are dedicated to protecting your privacy and making sure you are aware of the ways in which your data is collected and used.

(a) User Input

When using our services, you willingly provide us with information. This includes information you provide through surveys, feedback forms, and registration forms, such as your name and email address. This information is essential for setting up and maintaining your user account, customising your visit, and responding to your unique requirements and questions.

(b) Automated Technologies

Our website uses cookies, among other automated technologies, to automatically collect data about your interactions. We can analyse user behaviour, comprehend usage patterns, and provide a more effective and personalised experience with the aid of this data, which includes pages visited and actions performed. Your browser’s options allow you to alter your selections for these technologies.

(c) Third-Party Sources

Occasionally, we might get data from outside sources, such as marketing partners. Our user base is better understood, services are more personalised, and our marketing campaigns are more accurate thanks to this data enrichment.

(d) Analytics Partners

We work with analytics partners who gather and examine user behaviour data in aggregate form. Our decision-making processes are influenced by this collaboration, which helps us find areas for service enhancements, add new features, and assess customer happiness in general. This is usually accomplished by aggregating and anonymizing the data, with an emphasis on privacy.

By using our services, you agree to the content of the outlined data collection methods. When it comes to managing your privacy choices, you have the choice to refuse specific data gathering activities. By keeping your privacy at the heart of our practices, this guarantees that your experience is customised and suited to your preferences.

3.0 Sharing Your Personal Information

Your Personal Information is secure and protected, and we take these seriously at Yourui Digital. To improve and facilitate the services we offer, there may be situations in which we have to disclose or share your information with outside parties. We continue to place a high premium on your privacy, and we would like to be clear about how we could disclose your information:

(a) Business Partners

We may disclose your information to our vendors, consultants, marketing partners, research companies, and other business partners. This includes: payment processors; background check services; data analytics providers; marketing platform providers; research partners; fleet and merchant partners; insurance and financing partners.

(b) Internal Closures

We may share your personal information with our holding, subsidiary, or affiliated companies, as well as with other current and prospective members of our corporate group. Coordination between various departments and smooth corporate operations depend on this internal sharing.

(c) Professional Advisors

Your information might be disclosed to our accountants, legal professionals, consultants, auditors, and other financial and professional advisors that we have hired on an as-needed basis. This guarantees adherence to legal mandates and promotes efficient operation of the company.

(d) Legal Requirements

If required to comply by relevant laws and regulations, reply to an a court order, search warrant, or other legitimate requests for information, or in any other way to defend our rights, your personal information may be released. When necessary or mandated by law, this includes disclosing information to industry regulators, statutory bodies, or government authorities.

By using our services, You understand and consent to any possible disclosures as described above by using our services. We guarantee to protect your privacy and will only share your Personal Information in accordance with the laws that are in effect.

4.0 Purpose of Use

Your privacy is our top priority in all that we do at Yourui Digital. Whether it be for website design, search engine optimisation, or other relevant fields, your personal information is used responsibly to create and offer services to your unique needs. We use your data to examine how users engage with our products and services in order to improve their overall performance. This guides our efforts to ensure a flawless experience for you by giving frequent updates on service status and providing efficient customer care. Furthermore, your data is essential to our capacity to comply with applicable laws and regulations and to maintain accurate records that promote accountability and openness.

5.0 Who We Disclose Your Personal Data To

We might give or transfer your personal information to dependable third parties in the course of providing our services. These companies could be outside service providers who help us deliver and improve our offerings, or they could be legal and regulatory organisations that make sure we follow the law. Operational partners that help us maintain and optimise our services might also have access to pertinent information. You may be confident that strict security protocols are in place to guarantee that any third parties participating follow the highest standards. We emphasise our commitment to your privacy and data security by only keeping your Personal Information for as long as is required to achieve the above goals.

6.0 Do Not Track

Please be aware that when your browser sends us a “Do Not Track” signal, we don’t change how we gather or use your data. As of right now, there isn’t a single, widely recognised protocol for handling these signals in an online setting. However, as stated in our Privacy Policy, we are still committed to upholding your right to privacy and openness. We’ll keep an eye on things and adjust our procedures to meet industry standards when situations change. Please use the methods we have specified to contact us if you have any specific privacy concerns. Our top goal is earning your trust, and we’re committed to keeping our platform open and safe.

7.0 International Data Transfer

As specified in this Privacy Policy, we may transmit your personal data outside of your jurisdiction as long as we comply with all relevant legal requirements. The security and proper cross-border processing of your information are given top priority during these transfers, which are necessary for the provision of complete services. You agree to abide by the terms of agreement and the privacy policies of third-party services or affiliates, like payment service providers, who are the data controllers. You can still refuse to continue using our services, but please be aware that doing so can affect some of them. We reserve the right to take legal action in response. You have the choice to unsubscribe from receiving marketing information, and you are in charge of changing your personal information using your Platform account. You can request access to and correction of your data.

8.0 Contact Us

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, concerns, or requests regarding your privacy or this privacy policy. Contacting our privacy team can be done by:

Email: joseph@youruidigital.com
Phone: +(60)12-563 9016
Location: 109-3, Jalan Dwitasik 1, Dataran Dwitasik, 56000 Cheras, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur.
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